Organics Recycling

Royal Oak Farm employs two workforces at the 117-acre property in Evington, Virginia - a full-time staff of 18, who manage everything from trucking to compost production to grinding operations; and an invisible workforce no one ever sees. This second workforce labors quietly, behind the scenes, without complaint over office issues and never disputes its rate of pay. These Royal Oak staff consist of microbes, billions of them, that do most of the hard work of creating compost from wastes generated by Virginia industries, businesses and municipalities.

Between these two workforces, Royal Oak has mastered the process of manufacturing composts, and compost-based specialty soils at the farm in southeastern Bedford County. Royal Oak Farm compost products, marketed under the Blueblood™ product line, are available to commercial contractors, landscaping firms and farmers, as well as homeowners who wish to beautify their yards and flowerbeds. Royal Oak makes Blueblood™ compost from clean industrial residuals, food processing plant discards, animal manures, sawdust, leaves, trimmings from local tree services, and agricultural byproducts such as straw, hay and silage. No human biosolids or mixed trash is used to make Blueblood™ composts.