Royal Oak Blue Blood Products

Royal Oak Farm is the premiere producer of high quality composts, topsoils and specialty soils in Virginia. Our products are used by professionals who understand that healthy vegetation depends on healthy soils. Our composts and compost-based soil mixes are carefully formulated and tested to meet the most rigorous project specifications. Custom soil blending to meet your specific needs is one of Royal Oak Farm’s specialties.

The process of making high-quality soil blends starts with the composting process. For 15 years now, Royal Oak Farm has been a major producer of composts derived from agricultural materials, animal manures, clean industrial residuals, food processing residuals and woody wastes. No biosolids or mixed solid wastes are used to make our compost.

Compost production is overseen by composting and horticultural professionals with over 85 combined years of experience. Blueblood™ compost is carefully aged for many months to ensure its maturity and its value to our soil blends. Our compost improves the physical structure of soil by breaking up tilth, improves the chemical character of soil by increasing Cation Exchange Capacity and organic nutrient levels and improves the biological health of soil by introducing beneficial microbes. Our compost produces healthy soil, and healthy soil means healthy plants!