Our Facility

Royal Oak Farm is the premier organic waste recycling company serving Virginia businesses, industries and municipalities in Virginia.  Royal Oak has over 15 years’ experience serving the organic waste recycling needs of Virginia industries.  At our fully-permitted organic waste recycling facility in Evington, Virginia, we manufacture high-quality composts and soil products from a wide variety of clean, non-toxic, non-hazardous organic waste materials and residuals. 

Our compost manufacturing process meets and exceeds all Virginia DEQ regulations for: 

  • pathogen destruction 
  • time-temperature requirements 
  • compost stability and quality limits. 

We use the turned windrow method of composting, which ensures that the final product in no way resembles the look, feel, or smell of the original waste material.  Our process is based on 30 days of active composting and 30—60 days of product curing/maturation.  The final product is screened and either sold wholesale in bulk quantities direct to retailers, landscapers and construction projects or blended with other materials, like sands and soils, to make specialty compost-based soil products.