Product Descriptions


Blueblood™ composts are produced under the strict requirements of the U.S. Composting Council’s (USCC) Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Program.  Full laboratory analytical results are available on request.  

While we don’t offer a “Guaranteed Analysis,” a recent test of our compost indicated it contains about 1.1% N, 1.2% P and 1.9% K.  It is very stable and mature, very low in soluble salts and has a pH of between 7 and 8.  It is also a good source of plant micronutrients.  Maturity is tested by germinating sensitive plant species in comparative trays of compost and commercial potting soil.  Blueblood™ compost routinely matches the germination rates and vigor of commercial products. 


Blueblood™ topsoils are carefully blended and screened mixes of composts and native soils or similar materials.  Blueblood™ topsoils have high levels of organic matter (> 4%), high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) values (> 35) and are a good source of both macro– and micro-nutrients. 

Rain Garden Substrate 
Blueblood™ Rain Garden Mix is an excellent growing medium for plants in small rain gardens, bioswales or in larger bioretention basins.  Made with the same exacting care as our Topsoils, Rain Garden Mix is a sandy loam soil with good organic matter (> 3.5%), good CEC values (> 20), and a complete set of nutrients.  The mix of sand and compost results in a substrate with good drainage and permeability.

For sites located in the Chesapeake Bay drainage basin, we offer our DCR-9 media, which is made from leaf compost and meets the specifications of the Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) for bioretention pond growth media. 
Full laboratory analytical results for both products are available on request. 

Turf Rootzone Mix 

Blueblood™ Turf Rootzone Mix makes a superior soil blend suitable for use as a sports turf growing media.  Our Turf Rootzone Mix can be used for golf course putting greens, athletic fields or anywhere where good turfgrass growth is desired.  Compost-amended turfgrass media has been shown to reduce fertilizer and fungicide costs.  Turf Rootzone Mix is made of 80-90% mined silica sand and 10-20% compost and has been approved by the U.S. Golf Association (USGA) for use on USGA-approved golf courses.  It can be customized to fit your exact specifications.  Full laboratory analytical results are available on request.  

Container Mix  

Blueblood™ Container Mix is the perfect growing medium for potted plants!  Made of 50% mined silica sand, 20% peanut hulls, and 30% compost, our Container Mix has low conductivity, high CEC, and the nutrient levels can save you money on inorganic fertilizers.  Full laboratory analytical results are available on request. 

 Infielders Blend 

Blueblood™ Infielders Blend is 50% mined silica sand and 50% clean sandy clay loam subsoil that has been screened to 1/2” particle size for improved playability and optimum drainage.  A recent soil texture analysis of a sample of Infielders Blend was: 76% sand, 14% silt and 10% clay with a Sandy Loam designation.  Full laboratory analytical results are available on request.  

Erosion Control Media 

Blueblood™ compost can be used as a compost blanket on disturbed lands to prevent erosion from occurring, or you can use Blueblood™ unscreened compost as a sediment filtration media in filter berms or in Filtrexx™ filter socks.  Compost blankets greatly reduce the amount of runoff and displaced sediment from bare earth and compost filtration systems are far more effective than silt fencing for sediment capture.  Full laboratory analytical results are available on request. 

 Customized Soil Blends 

Royal Oak Farm can manufacture any soil blend that you need for a particular application.  Please contact us with your requirements for a free, no-obligation quote.  Royal Oak Farm Blueblood™ landscape products distributors